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We see homework as being an important part of the child’s school experience and homework is given in order to:

  1. Consolidate and reinforce work already taught in class.

  2. Revise subject areas.

  3. As an opportunity for the child to work on his/her own initiative.

  4. It will increase parents’ awareness of work being done in school by their children.

  5. It is good work practice and discipline.

  6. ‘Beagánín agus go maith’......



  1. Homework exercises, oral and written, are to be done to the best of the pupils’ ability.  Written homework should be legible and presentable.

  2. Parents are asked to oversee homework and sign the children’s homework diary.

  3. Suggested Time:   Infants:       15 minutes

1st and 2nd:         ½ hour

3rd and 4th:          ¾ hour

5th and 6th:           1 hour

                                           undisturbed homework per night

4.  If a child has consistent difficulty with homework or is spending too much time at it parents are advised to contact the teacher.

      5.  Parents are asked to sign children’s homework diaries  thus reinforcing home school links.

      6.  Pupils in the Junior Room are free of homework at weekends or on special occasions e.g  birthday in accordance with the wishes of the teacher.

7.  Oral homework such as tables, reading, poetry learning etc is to be given equal attention as written homework.

8.  Homework is given to pupils from infants onwards, as it is considered important that establishing the habit from an early stage is of great benefit to pupils.

9.  Homework is always checked and corrected.

    10.  Our policy is to be consistent in the work given.

  We do not over-burden pupils as this can result in poorly done work and develop a negative attitude to homework in general.  In addition it causes an over-load of correction for the teacher and therefore valuable teaching time may be lost.

11.  Allowance is made for pupils experiencing difficulty with homework, in consultation with parents.




  1. By observation and feedback from parents.

  2. By observation of class teachers.


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