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Ba mhaith linn go mbeidh bia folláin ag na páistí gach lá, bia cosúil le torthaí, glasraí , íogart, deochanna srl.

Faigheann na páistí lóin gach lá ó hOstán Oileán Acla, deochanna, torthaí, ceapairí, rollaí, íogart agus borróga.


  1. In line with our aim of promoting healthy behaviour and attitude in our school we have developed a healthy school meals policy.

  2. Grant aid is provided from the Department of Social and Family Affairs for the purchase of school meals , due to our inclusion in DEIS.

  3. Tender sought from local businesses for provision of meals €2 per pupil per day.

  4. Following consultation with mangement of Óstán Oileán Acla, an agreed menu of healthy breakfast-lunch food is provided – fruit, sandwiches, scones, rolls, water, fruit juice, cheese, ham, chicken  etc.

  5. Food is delivered fresh each morning by the hotel and distributed to the pupils then.

  6. Children are allowed to bring their own food items to eat also, but, always, the healthy option is encouraged.

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