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Aims of this policy:


  1. to endeavour to provide pupils with uninterrupted learning.

  2. to minimise disruption for children.

  3. to maintain the efficient running of the school.




  • EPV Days:


  1. Notify principal and/colleagues in advance if possible.

  2. Set work-plan and tasks to be provided for children in your absence.

  3. Substitute cover is provided and paid for by the Board of Management.


  • Personal Illness/Brief Absences (funerals, graduations etc)




 inform manager                        (substitution will

  1. inform principal/colleague        be sought ) 


  1. duties of principal (if absent) are the responsibility of the most senior teacher present.


  1. in the event of there being no substitute cover, the teacher present assigns work and supervises pupils.


  1. school plan and teachers notes available for substitutes.




Teachers’ Absences

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