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These pages are intended to provide information to all parents on school policies, rules and guidelines.


General Aims of Our School

  • To help each child reach his/her maximum potential so that they can lead a full and harmonious life. Each child’s uniqueness is taken into account.

  • To foster and develop Christian principles and so create tolerant and caring members of society.

  • To develop independent and confident children, who take pride in themselves, their work, their environment and their culture.

  • To encourage children to respect the rights and feelings of others at all times.

  • To cater for the individual needs and the different stages of development of the children.

  • To accommodate differences between children, due to variations on intellectual ability, personality, physical ability, social background, etc.

  • To cultivate an atmosphere of learning and security, where pupils learn with pleasure and enthusiasm.

  • To create equality of opportunity for pupils.

  • To encourage and facilitate pupils to broaden their range of interests and extra curricular activities.

  • To develop an interest in their community, their parish and the world around them.

  • To nurture a positive self -concept and self -esteem in each individual.

  • To promote physical and emotional health and well- being.

  • To provide varied and interesting learning opportunities for all pupils using different methodologies and approaches.






.   .

  • Have respect for yourself and for others

  • Be kind to everyone.

  • Have respect for everyone’s property.

  • Have good manners.

  • We don’t call names or tease in a way that hurts people’s feelings.

  • Include everyone in games.

  • No fighting, shouting or hitting people – ever.

  • Stay inside school walls at all times unless you have permission.

  • Keep the school clean and tidy.

  • No bullying.

  • If we think someone is being bullied we must tell an adult.

  • No chewing gum.

  • Siúl sa halla.

  • We have healthy lunches always – no junk food.

  • We do our homework.

  • We listen to one another and to the teacher.

  • We use appropriate language; no bad words.

  • We do not disrupt the class.

  • We will wear our uniforms.

  • We always try to do our best with our work.



These rules were drawn up by the children and teachers of Sáile

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